Platform solution

We provide a global multi-channel e-commerce service that enables retailers and brands to interact seamlessly with consumers, while also enabling them to focus on the creative aspects of their business. Make these solutions possible and benefit from platform improvements and innovations. We help our brand partners achieve their goals by creating modular solution packages, from which they can choose from specific products and service packages, or get a complete end-to-end e-commerce experience from them.



By building on our fully API-supported platform, the platform solution can provide a flexible front-end product suite, including global websites, apps or WeChat stores. Our back-end infrastructure allows retailers and brands to synchronize their websites with the in-store and warehouse inventory of other vendors in single-brand stores and distribution networks, and facilitate in-store pickups and consumer returns.

Among the solutions provided, brands can now:

Design and build your own brand website, you can use omni-channel functions and international functions, so that you can ship to 190 countries/regions in 12 languages, and provide unique enterprise-level CRM functions to operate their WeChat accounts
Create a complete WeChat store and the latest WeChat "mini program"